Our Females-- current and Retired



We have had the amazing opportunity to work some wonderful lines!



This has given us the opportunity to produces some of the most amazing cats!



This opportunity will help us in our endeavor to preserve these amazing cats for future generations!

RW QGC Dawntreader Duchess

This girl is so big for a female.  She is a wonderful mother and she produces some of the most loving offspring we have had the pleasure to raise.  The year we showed her she made best slid white Maine coon internationally.  The best part about showing her was how much she loved it.  

Is temperament genetic?

Her results definitely confirm this theory, as she produces kittens so laid back and loving .... I want to keep them all.

Health and Temperament

She has been an outstanding addition to our cattery and has made wonderful contributions for the breed,  She has large boning, excellent hips, healthy heart cleared by a feline cardiologist with echocardiograms. She is fulling hearing, parent is fully hearing and Grandfather is fully hearing... Her temperament is what I want every kitten to have and her health is outstanding.  she is genetically clear for HCM, SMA and PK diff through UC Davis as well.  Here is a link to her pedigree https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=1382236&g=4&p=mco&o=ajgrep

our very own home grown Supreme Grand Champion

RW SGC Dawntreader Chrissie Hynde

I am so pleased to Announce Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Dawntreader Chrissie Hynde.... This is a win that is very near and dear to my heart because although she isn’t my first supreme grand champion she is my first homegrown supreme grand champion one of my own breeding.... And my first Maine coon polydactyl Supreme!!! am also very proud of the fact that she placed third best-of-breed internationally even though I was only able to show her a few months of the show season for 2019. For a breed that the standard is written for males this is quite an accomplishment for a female. She is TICA’s South Central’s Best of Breed Maine coon polydactyl, 13th best long haired cat and best black and white maine coon polydactyl. Thank you so much for those that supported her!

She Has made a wonderful mother!

For this breed temperament is everything... this is what sets this breed apart from everything else.  

Health Clearances

she has the most amazing, solid, heavy boned structure. She has excellent hips, and heart clearances are outstanding with her echocardiogram by a feline cardiologist and she is genetically clear of known issues for this Breed --HCM, SMA, and PK diff. through UC Davis.  We expect some amazing offspring from this Dam.  

Announcing our most Talky Cat in the house

Dawntreader Lovey

She has the Maine coon temperament plus a little something else... not sure what that is yet... lol.  She grabbed our hearts from the first day she was born.  

There is just something about her...

We thought she was going but then she stayed.... We didn't have an outcross to breed her to so we thought we had to send her out... Then we were able to get Gibson and we were able to keep her in our program. 

Health Clearances

She has excellent hips, and a perfect heart via echocardiogram, genetically clear for HCM, SMA, and PK deff.  Parents Are Champion Myluckystars Venus of Dawntreader and RW SGC Dawntreader Texas Calboy.

announcing this wonderful female

Champion Shanna's Shakirablue of Dawntreader

When Shelia Haskins of Coonopry Retired from Breeding she and Shakira's breeder Marga Moeskops untrusted me with this wonderful girl.  She has extensive health history behind her and is a wonderful addition to our cattery.  

Unique Color

She is a blue cream silver ticked torbie and white... her color is so very yummy.... pictures almost don't do it justice.  

Health Clearances

Her echocardiogram show s a perfect heart with a feline cardiologist, she has an amazing temperament and is a wonderful mom.  genetically clear for known health issues with Maine coons ... HCM, SMA, and PK diff.  Here is a link to her pedigree 


Here is a link for her genetic testing