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About Us

Why a Maine Coon?

Dawntreader Maine Coons silver classic and Smoke green eyes

Maine Coons are the largest domestic longhair breed of cat and are considered one of the most gentle breeds with a dog like personality that makes them a wonderful companion for all ages. The Maine Coon's origins come from North America and they are the only truly Native American cat with its colorful history seeped in myth and legends. They are big and fluffy! They come in various colors, patterns and paw types. They are super smart, affectionate and love to play. 

My Family loves Maine Coons and I believe Yours will Too! 

Our History

Dawntreader Lovey as a kitten silver torbie

We are a family based cattery located in Waxahachie, Texas, just south of Dallas. We began this adventure after several years of research in 2011.  We are a registered cattery with both TICA -The International Cat Association and CFA - Cat Fanciers Association.  We only work with pedigree Maine Coon cats from show lines that are health tested.  I was introduced to this breed as a child on my Grandfathers farm up North. I  can still remember watching a very large majestic looking Maine Coon walking through the snow to this day.  It wasn't till years later that my passion for this breed started after, My husband and I adopted our first Maine Coon we endearingly called Mister Nice Guy. He had such big personality and became an integral member of our family. He passed away of old age and what became an end to one stage in our life opened the door to this amazing voyage we are now on and working with a breed we love so much.  It is such a blessing when we place a kitten in a home and see the wonderful relationship that happens. Our primary focus is providing healthy well adjusted kittens to loving homes and we enjoy showing our lines as well.  

Our Breeding Program

original water colored painting by Mimi Siracusa given to Mistelle Stevenson June 2019

We are a small in home cattery where our cats live with us and they are our pets first and foremost. Our focus is on health and temperament first. We provide a calm loving home environment for our cats and kittens which allows for us to maintain the wonderful temperament that these cats are known for. We also focus on health, doing extensive screening and testing to our adults, prior to breeding, this ensures that our lines are healthy from one generation to the next. We test for HCM with regular echocardiograms and only work with lines negative for this issue.  We screen our cats for healthy hips, test for FIV/FELV through regular vet visits.  We also genetically screen for HCM, SMA, and PK defficiency prior to breeding and will only breed cats with negative results.  We continue to monitor our lines through echocardiograms thoughout their life.  All of our kittens are seen by a licensed veterinarian and screened for FIV/FELV, heart worm, and stool tested for parasites prior to going home.  We pay very close attention to our pedigrees and love to research our lines to ensure that our COI is low to produce the healthiest kittens we can. We love the large, strong, and wild look of the Maine Coon and strive to preserve the breed standard by working with proven award winning show lines.  We also,  enjoy competing and showing our breed line contenders every show season.

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Our kittens are adopted quickly, so please don't delay and reach out to us to reserve your FURever friend or to ask any questions. Visits to our personal home is by appointment only.  

DawnTreader Maine Coons

Waxahachie, Texas 75165, United States

(972) 935-7531

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We are a Registered Cattery with Both CFA and TICA

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